Art Direction: Abby Guido, Tyler School of Art


Climate change is a hot topic, and it’s one that the Natural Resources Defense Council addresses every day. Many don’t realize that there are more consequences to climate change than rising ocean levels. To highlight an overlooked issue, this project uses infographics displayed on a series of promotional tissue boxes to explain respiratory health issues that can arise from climate change—lung disease, asthma, and allergies. A series of social media animations were created as well to target a larger audience. This is a student project, and was not used by the NRDC.


Each side of the box gives information that together tells a full story. The panels are: Respiratory Health Risks, Climate Change and "Topic", Taking Action, and Pollution and "Topic." The three topics are Lung Disease (red), Allergies (green), and Asthma (blue). 


Along with the tissue box series, I animated three videos for Facebook in order to expand the campaign across various forms of media.